Mauro Daniel Rossi MA CEC, CEPC, CCA, CCE, ACE Academic Director The Art Institute of California - Hollywood
I am honered to be part of CCAC. I invite all of you culinarians, students or food enthusiasts to take part in CCAC activities. The great diversity of professional backgrounds amongst the chapter's members affords unique educational and networking opportunities. CCAC is a vital component of Los Angeles culinary community.
Robert W. Phillips CEC, CCA, CFSP, CC, Director of Culinary & Nutrition, MCH Deanco
I believe highly in the ACF as my successes are a result of this strong culinary environment. I understand a strong work ethic learned from ACF, but hands on experience and doing these tasks with hands on involvement that is hard to get. It is exciting to build these bonds that are taught cooking together. This style builds confidence in the Chef to achieve high standards to raise them from chef to certified chef
over a period of time through hard and smart working techniques that will empower the chefs to be performers, not guided by someone else success, but excelling past them creating their own.For 28 years I have believed in ACF and CCAC and it has help guide my successful career.